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Meditation Mask
Meditation Mask
Meditation Mask
Meditation Mask

Meditation Mask

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Meditation is a proven way of reducing stress and anxiety and improving happiness. Learning to meditate through Guided Meditation is the easiest and quickest way learn this skill. 

Meditation is one of the hottest health and lifestyle trends and with good reason.

  • Meditation reduces anxiety and stress
  • Increase serotonin (the happiness hormone), sense of well being & ease
  • improves memory and immune function

It's no wonder that 80% of CEOs meditate daily!

The only trouble is that for most people simple sitting with their eyes closed not knowing what to do or feel and just ending up with thoughts running through their mind at a million miles per hour.

  • Guided Meditation is a proven way of getting all the benefits of meditation effectively. 

How to use:

The Meditation Mask makes Meditation simple!

The Meditation Mask couples in built speakers for playing guided meditations with a velvet cover and memory foam pad. 

Simply choose a Guided meditation, plug it in and slip on the mask and allow yourself to be guided into relaxation.

This prevents light and movement from distracting you from your practice and also applies gentle sensory pressure around the eye region for a heightened experience.

Once you use it you won't want to go back!

Try the Mask that our customers are calling 'the world's most comfortable eye mask' today!

Travel and Sleep

The Meditation Mask is also great for Travel and Sleep making it an excellent gift for the Meditator, Traveler or troubled sleeper in your life

These are ideal for everyday use but are also a fantastic option for travel. 

A great gift option for the person who doesn't sleep well or the traveler in the family.  


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