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best Sleep Bed Wetting alarm set
Best Sleep bed Wetting Alarm
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Best Sleep Bed Wetting Alarm

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The Team at Best Sleep have a Mission to help you achieve Your Best Sleep. Knowing the issues that Bed Wetting can have for a child we sourced the best solutions possible for you. 

Many parents want to know the reasons their child wets the bed. 

  • It’s simple: bed-wetting almost always happens because a child’s brain has not learned to link needing to pee with waking and going to the loo. 

The Best Sleep Bed-wetting Alarm is a comfortable, compact and discreet size. Similar to wearing a sports band, the alarm unit is attached to an adjustable strap worn by the child on their arm and the sensor fits closely onto the outside of the underwear. 

During a bed-wetting incident the alarm flashes a bright blue LED light coupled with sound and vibration which is good enough to wake deep sleepers. If your child doesn't wake gently wake them until it becomes a habit. 

This set comes with:

  • the unit
  • instructions
  • sticker reward chart
  • stickers
  • batteries so you are ready to go straight away. 

Why do bed-wetting alarms work? 

You may think an alarm just tells you when your child wets the bed. In fact, it does far more. 

  • A bed-wetting alarm powerfully boosts a learning process called conditioning.
  • Conditioning is learning to react to a feeling without thinking - in this case, waking to a full bladder. 

  • When you use a bed-wetting alarm as directed, your child starts waking just as they pee. Soon, they're waking to the feeling just before: a full bladder. 

To make sure your child will learn this way with their alarm, read and follow the alarm instructions carefully. 

Comes with batteries ready to go. 

We provide a 40 day money-back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase. 

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