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About us

BestSleep was born out of our need to achieve better sleep. Working full time, having young kids and pursuing an active and engaged life often led to being run down and looking to outside stimulants for energy.

After researching and testing ways to improve our kids’ sleep (white noise, black-out curtains, an ideal room temperature, comforters etc), we realised many of these techniques could apply to us too. After researching deeply into sleep we found that good sleep is important at any age, especially for parents! We needed to make our sleep a priority.

Bedtime routines, understanding of triggers and the use of sleep aids are just as important for adults if not more so. It is this knowledge that led us to found BestSleep, in order to help and empower people to get their best, regenerative sleep through scientific research, sleep aids and proven strategies.


Shaun DavisShaun Davis BestSleep Head of Research

Shaun is our head researcher and author of the blog and his up-coming 'Guide to Your Best Sleep'. He is a member of the New Zealand Sleep Apnoea Association, holds a degree in Meta-Physics and has taught at Secondary, Middle School and Intermediate levels over the past 10 years. 

Shaun is an avid sportsman competing in Rugby Union, Rugby League, Kickboxing and holds National and Oceanic Championships for Taekwon-Do. He has two young children and understands the importance of Nutrition, Mindset, Exercise and especially Sleep in performance. 

He is passionate about helping people to achieve their best sleep through routines, knowledge and sleep aids. 

Shaun is available via email or messenger to answer any sleep queries you may have.