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White Noise Machine for Deep Sleep and less noise disturbance
White Noise Machine for Deep Sleep and less noise disturbance
We have designed the packaging with the environment in mind, only using recyclable cardboard.
The Best Sleep Sound Relaxation Machine is powered by mains electricity through a USB charging cable. For the customer, this means being able to continuously run your machine through the night with no fear of battery degradation. It also has the ability to be run off four AA batteries for those times you wish it to be portable.
The nine sound functions are clearly labelled and laid out, making for ease of use and customer satisfaction. The volume is able to be adjusted for even the noisiest of inner city environments where street and pedestrian noise is capable of disturbing sleep.

White Noise Relaxation Machine for undisturbed sleep

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At Best Sleep we know the pain of sleepless nights due to noisy environments keeping both kids and parents awake. 

Often we can be startled awake as we drift off due to noise or just not be able to fall asleep due to annoying sounds. 

  • The White Noise Relaxation Machine  has enabled both of our kids and us enjoy deep sleep and quick, 'fall to sleep' routines each night. 

Having a consistent low level sound allows us to tune out other noises and lets our brainwaves slow, allowing us to fall asleep faster and more peacefully 

We have tested and used numerous white noise devices on the market and have developed this to what we believe to be the best due to the ability for: 

  • Continuous Play 
  • 9 soothing sounds, our favourites are bubbling brook and ocean waves   
  • Timer function for 15 min, 30 min & 60 min 
  • Can be powered by 4 AA batteries if you need it to be portable or plugged into mains via USB Cable (included)
  • Adjustable volume control and sturdy construction

Make the decision to achieve your best sleep worry free with our 90 day free return shipping and order yours today.


How Does White Noise Work?

Every sound we hear has two distinct components: the frequency, or the number of vibrations the sound wave produces per second (measured in hertz, or Hz); and amplitude, which measures the size of the sound waves. Whenever a frequency is halved or doubles, this is known as an octave.

Noise is categorised by colours that represent different audio signals and textures. Some of these colours — such as pink, blue, and brown — refer to sound waves that increase or decrease in volume, depending on changes in the frequency. White noise, on the other hand, maintains the same volume regardless of frequency and randomly combines every possible frequency that is audible to the human ear. The result is the telltale ‘shh’ sound that is commonly associated with white noise. Fans, falling rain and even continuous traffic noise are also examples of white noise. 

Technically speaking, most instances of ‘white noise’ are actually ‘pink noise.’ White noise matches any frequency, meaning that it may sound extremely high or extremely low. As a result, white noise on its own is too harsh for most human ears. Pink noise, on the other hand, gradually decreases in volume (measured in decibels) per octave, creating a more balanced listening experience. Most describe pink noise as white noise with a lower, bass-like quality.