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The BestSleep - Deep Sleep Mask
The BestSleep - Deep Sleep Mask
The BestSleep - Deep Sleep Mask
Headphone jack to connect devices

The BestSleep - Deep Sleep Mask

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The Deep Sleep Mask combines the light eliminating feature of an eye mask with the added addition of in-built speakers for sound so you can listen to guided meditation or your favorite relaxing sleep music as you fall quickly to sleep.


  • Luxurious velvet cover 
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Complete light reduction
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Padded speakers so no more uncomfortable headphones sticking in your ears as you try to fall asleep   


How to Use:

  • Simply plug the cord into your device and hit play as you gently drift off to sleep. 
  • To use the mask without the music simply unplug the extension cord and tuck the plug inside the zip. 


Why use a Sleep Mask?

  • If noise or street light is affecting your sleep this is an unrivaled option. 
  • Listening to sleep music, guided meditation or white noise are proven ways to drop into a Theta Brain Wave pattern which leads to deep sleep
  • It is also a fantastic option if disturbing a partner is a worry. The padding means that the noise doesn't carry beyond the mask.

Regular Traveller?

These are ideal for everyday use but are also a fantastic option for travel. 

A great gift option for the person who doesn't sleep well or the traveler in the family.  


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