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What is White Noise?

A recent Harvard study has found:

"Indoor and outdoor noise are major causes of sleep disruption in western countries. Previous research has shown that administration of constant white noise may improve sleep quality by increasing the acoustic arousal threshold. Small trials and anecdotal findings suggest that white noise may also influence the brain electrical activity and improve sleep quality by reducing sleep onset latency and promoting a deeper sleep." 

and that


"...these findings will suggest that filtered white noise can be used to minimise sleep-onset insomnia."

Why Use White Noise?


White noise—volume that remains constant regardless of frequency, such as high-pitched static—is random patterns of sound that reside in a certain frequency range. It’s essentially a combination of all the sound frequencies that a human ear can hear. When a person hears this combination, it typically sounds similar to a waterfall. 


White noise has the ability to “drown out” louder noises. These other noises—traffic, a neighbour’s television, etc.—can cause nighttime arousal. When white noise is playing in a person’s bedroom, it can help muffle outside sounds and unusual noises, and induce sleep. 

What is Pink Noise? 

Pink noise is a lower, deeper sound than white noise, sounds like rain falling, thunder and waves crashing. These sounds have been shown to reduce fall to sleep times and induce deeper sleep patterns required for optimal health. 

Why the BestSleep White Noise Machine? 

The BestSleep White Noise Machine is the optimal white noise sleep aid on the market. It combines both White and Pink noise options with the ability to continuously run through the night. These functions are supported by Harvards Sleep Departments findings. It is made from solid moulded plastic for long lasting continuous use. If falling asleep quickly or staying asleep is and issue for you we suggest developing a strong pre-bed routine as well as Sleep aids like the White Noise Machine and our Memory Foam Sleep Mask 

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The Best Sleep White Noise Machine - White and Pink Noise 


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