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How to Fall Asleep Fast - Part 2

Your Sleep Environment

Now this is Key. There is no point going through the points of the previous post if you then get into a room which is noisy, full of street light and have a bed best suited for the dump.  

The ideal sleep environment is a cool, dark, quiet room with comfortable, firm bedding and heavy blankets. In-fact research has shown that the most sleep inducing environment for humans is something that closely resembles a cave.  

  • Noise


For most of us escaping noise at night is not a possibility. Common examples are:

Street noise; Cars, trucks, sirens, horns

Neighbours; doors opening, music, talking

House noise; dripping taps, creaking, children, partners etc 

Many of these are not possible to remove. The best options are to reduce your ability to be distracted, or startled awake, by them. 

White noise is a great option using a Fan or a White Noise device has been shown to improve sleep quality and duration. White noise also helps to promote deeper and more restful sleep

Listening through headphones or playing guided sleep meditations or sleep music can improve sleep quality.

A great, cost efficient option is to use commercial ear plugs to reduce noise. 

I personally use a combination of all three of these options. 

  • Temperature

Although we often like to have our rooms warm (especially in the winter) research has shown that 19-21 degrees celcius is the ideal range for sleep. This doesn't mean that you have to be cold. Sleeping under warm blankets and sheets is an ideal way to feel comfortable and to relax.

Weighted Blankets have been shown to improve sleep especially in children and people with ADHD, through the 'Grounding' process.  

In the warmer months using a fan to cool the air is a great option, you also get the added benefit of the White Noise it produces.

  • Light

Any light in the bedroom affects sleep quality. In-fact Harvard University lists light as the largest external factor which effects sleep.

Any source of light reduces the production of melatonin (our sleep hormone) making it harder to fall, and stay, asleep. 

Light can come from many places - Street lights, Street signs, Devices, Blinking Phone lights, Alarm clocks or security lights. Even the full moon has been shown to reduce sleep quality.      

Using black out curtains, covering sources of light and facing alarms away from you are all good options.

The easiest way to ensure total darkness is to use an eye mask. Eye masks create total darkness ensuring quality sleep. The slight pressure on the eyes and face has been shown to help relax people, making it easier to fall asleep. 

  • Bed

This is an obvious one. Sleeping on a quality firm bed is a no brainer. Getting the best bed you can afford is a great investment in yourself. Firm beds help to support the spine allowing you to rest deeply and peacefully. 

  • Supplements

There are many sleep supplements on the market. Some are well researched and many are not. If you are thinking of using a sleep supplement we recommend obtaining your doctors or health professionals advice first. 


So there you have it! How to fall asleep fast!

Adding some of these tips that appeal or resonate with you and your situation will not only help improve the quality of your sleep but also the time it takes you to fall asleep each night. 

Being your best self requires your best sleep each night. We encourage you to put yourself first and actively pursue a deep, restorative sleep every night.

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