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How to Fall Asleep Fast - Part 2

How to Fall Asleep Fast - Part 2

Your Sleep Environment Now this is Key. There is no point going through the points of the previous post if you then get into a room which is nois...
How to fall asleep Fast!

How to fall asleep Fast!

Falling asleep quickly is just a dream (no pun intended) for many people. Laying in bed with thoughts ruminating, worries and the days stress playi...
What is White Noise?

What is White Noise?

A recent Harvard study has found: "Indoor and outdoor noise are major causes of sleep disruption in western countries. Previous research has show...
The quality of sleep you get each night dramatically affects your performance in all areas of your life

The Dangers of not getting enough sleep - Part 2 - Performance

In Part 2 of the mini-series, we will look at how a lack of sleep affects our performance. 

We will see the dangers of not getting enough sleep and how this may be affecting our whole life

A lack of restorative sleep can lead to us being run down. Deep Sleep is needed to avoid sickness, stress, colds and flu

The Dangers of not getting enough Sleep - Part 1

There are real dangers in not getting enough quality, restorative sleep.

In this 5 part mini-series we will cover the dangers of not getting enough sleep in all areas of life.

Part 1 looks at the role sleep has on keeping us healthy both physically and mentally.

All new memories require active acquisition and consolidation through deep sleep if they are to be cemented in the brain

Does Sleep affect your Memory?

Buckle up because this is a big one!

There are 3 phases to making new memories

  • Acquisition
  • Consolidation
  • Recall

In this blog, we will cover all three, the role sleep plays, look at current learning practices and discuss the best, most efficient way to learn.